Human, being.
An empathy-driven problem solver with an interest in the social innovation space and a particular focus on the intersection of mental health, childhood, inequality and technology.


My approach to coding follows the idea that - it's not about the programming language you use or know, it's about what you do with it. So I've focused on building my understanding of programming concepts, problem solving and algorithmic thinking, and learning how to learn.

I am particularly interested in accessible as well as sustainable software development, where consideration is given to every user, and to the environmental impact of the software. Therefore, this website is a11y-friendly, low-impact and low-tech, as I wanted to put what I've learnt into practice, as well as take any small step I can to lowering my carbon footprint. See more on this below.

My GitHub is where most of my code lives. However, I've collated some of my favourite projects over on this page.

I have experience working with Python, Ruby, PHP, Javascript, SQL, HTML, and CSS, and a number of frameworks.


Writing has been an (often imperfect) way of expressing myself for many years. This page has a small collection of the writing that's worth immortalising on the web. Here are some curated links to some of my favourite writing - academic, teen angst, and technical.


Since my parents' old Kodak 35mm point and shoot camera was put in my hands at the age of 7 years old, I have been drawn to the magic of photography. I have a special interest in travel and architectural photography, capturing candid moments of the world around me. A more complete collection of my photography can be found on Flickr or on Instagram.


I consider myself a creative person, and with a background in architecture, I am able to use my more logical thinking to compliment my creative projects. From DIY, to illustration, t-shirt design, and even fiddling with robots, I'm forever itching to create. I often find myself drawn to more practical creations, so art for my own wall, a robot to follow my cat around, or illustrations and t-shirt designs which promote causes close to my heart.


Intern Software Developer Outreachy / UNICEF Office of Innovation Dec 2021 - Mar 2022
Software Developer Programme Launch School 2021 - current
Intern & Junior Web Developer LimaBean 2020
Country Sales Specialist Audley Travel 2018
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Counselling Psychology UNISA 2018
BSocSc in Psychology and Sociology UCT 2016
Bachelor of Architectural Studies UCT 2012-2103 incomplete

This is a Low-Tech Website

  • HTML & CSS only
  • Hosted on Dreamhost Shared Hosting which has focused on being environmentally friendly
  • Only 0.09 g of CO2 produced on each visit
  • System fonts first
  • Dark mode from system preferences, set from CSS
  • Few images, which are in B&W
  • Images are saved in the WebP format
  • Images are saved at the max size they'll be used
  • Inline SVGs are used whenever possible
  • No trackers
  • Total uploaded size ≈ 4KB